Reiki Love - An ancient Japanese technique, very relaxing, connection to Angels, stress and pain reducing, helps heal trauma and blocked energy.
Feel the Love
Has just been for Reiki for the first time at Reiki Love and I feel amazing!
Feel at such peace and a sense of balance. Both herself and the angel cards/book were spot on and have given me the reassurance and guidance I've been needing, thank you so much
Nicole Cunniffe
Wonderful and relaxing Reiki and Crystal Healing from lovely Alexis of Reiki Love really enjoyed the combination of crystals with reiki.. yet another therapy i want to learn xx thank you so much for rebalancing me : ))much appreciated xxx
Lesley Vickers

Just had my first experience at Reiki Love and I feel fabulous! Sooo relaxed and a clean mind, thank you very much! : )) 
Paige Robinson
Feeling happier than I have in many, many years......totally and utterly at peace with myself......long may it last....
— feeling blissful with Reiki Love

Had the most amazing Angelic Reiki and Crystal healing session with Alexis at Reiki Love.......thank u so much......feeling totally relaxed and at peace with myself.....I'm hoping this is the start of my recovery.....— feeling peaceful.
Vicky Nelson

A big thank you to Alexis Dowd for the Reiki Love treatment today it's was just what I needed, and to let u know I am going to look in the mirror and say what I need to, I would definitely recommend this , and thank you for the wise words xx
Julie Westwell

Back from an amazing experience at Reiki Love !highly recommend thankyou J
— feeling blissful with Reiki Love.
Joanne Disley
Just want to "Thank you so much " for today luvvie ... i really enjoyed it !
I'm starting to feel changes in me and uplifted already x
Thank you xx
Sheila Fairhurst
Well after my Reiki Love session today I am ready for bed,,thanks so much Alexis Dowd you have worked wonders,will defo be a regular -
Inner peace is back with a bang he he thanks so much xx
Dawn Flavell

I have been receiving several "Distant Reiki" healing sessions from Alexis whilst in Dubai. She is absolutely brilliant and I could feel the effects of it at the very same instance. She is very kind and very professional in her approach. She precisely tells you what she feels during the session which is simply great. The sessions with her have helped me to cope with a lot of stress. It has helped me to remove negative energy and get in a lot of positive energy in my life.
I would recommend her to anyone, as a matter of fact I have been telling my friends about the distant reiki sessions I have had with her. She is just brilliant & thanks for all the assistance. I appreciate everything that has been done.
Ranjeev George from Dubai

Today, I received Long distance Reiki healing to the USA, sunny Florida with Reiki Love, it felt totally amazing. I was laying down on my bed not asleep but relaxed, my body starting with a warm gentle feeling. I felt a soft tingling around my hands, pressure around my head and chest. I felt the shift in consciousness and allowed myself to have this energy that is pure love from the creator to change and shift and remove all toxins from my beautiful self. I needed help and this Gorgeous angel Reiki Love helped me. x
My 3 card angel reading was right to the point beautiful, like all messages from the creator loving, gentle and caring. It was so amazing, I thought it must not be for me, but it is. I am so deeply grateful for this reading, so much compassion and love. I am ready to take my power back, so mercury retrograde here I am, ready to take my life back. We meet people not by coincidence but because they are meant to cross our path, I believe this to be true, Reiki Love. Thank you for your friendship Light and loads of love and so much gratitude.
Laura Curran

Wow feel so relaxed just got back from my first reiki session it was great xxx
— with Reiki Love
Wendy Shepherd
Feeling de-stressed and really good after my Reiki session this morning with the lovely Alexis at Reiki Love Lovely to see you as always and thanks again xx
Melanie Bradley

I just want to thank you for mine and my Mums Reiki we loved it and feeling the difference now, was amazing thankyou so much xxxx
Nicola Harvey

What a wonderful experience that was, spent two hours at Reiki Love with my mum and we feel brilliant! Would recommend to anyone.. such a perfect morning! feeling refreshed
Rebecca Heaton
Just left Reiki Love feeling refreshed calm and chilled to the bone this women is amazing can't wait for my next session Thanks again Alexis I feel great.Xxx — feeling wonderful.
Lyndsay Ward

Just had my First ever Reiki Treatment & it was utterly amazing, I feel so much more relaxed and the cards at the end were so true to how things are at the minute it was scary!! — feeling relaxed with Reiki Love.
Rebekah Matthias

My baby son and I have been visiting Alexis now for a number of sessions. We started as he was unsettled and seemed in pain. He was unable to sleep which made him even more distressed. Within one session with Alexis he was much less stressed. Alexis said she'd never performed Reiki on a baby before but despite this she was fantastic and he quickly became a very happy little boy, before we even reached the car after the first session he was content and asleep this was honestly unheard of. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Alexis. She is calm, relaxed, kind and passionate about what she does. I am so glad that I chose to come to her when my little boy was suffering. She's absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much Alexis for everything you've done.
Rachael Ashcroft

Joe's having his first Reiki massage and he's asleep with 5 mins — with Reiki Love.
Lisa Marie Murray
Reiki Love  it was absolutely brill, would recommend it to anyone xx - I was very nervous about having a treatment today but there was no need to be  I was very impressed and I will be visiting you again soon, thank you xxx
Andrea Ratcliffe
Thank you for the wonderful session this morning, it was just what I needed xxx
Alexis Tyerman
Thank you - i feel wonderful today  see u soon xxxx
Dawn Hope
Had a fantabulous night first of all I was floating n crying n zonked at Reiki Love thank you so much for that wonderful experience, then had my tea cooked for me at my friends house x - Thanks ladies for a wonderful night xxx
Vikki Hyland

Thank you so much for yesterday... Absolutely loved it and so did my sisters....never felt so relaxed in a long time... Will deffo be back after Xmas and I'm gonna share your page to my friends xx
Jenna Unsworth
Had a lovely session today. Would recommend the lovely Alexis to anyone!
Sharon Stringer
" Well I just had my free treatment i won from Reiki Love and all I can say is WOW ... relaxing ... refreshing and I feel like I had all the bad vibes pulled out of me feet ... strangest feeling ever, I gotta say if u aint had it try it coz its made me feel like a different person" ... thank you Alexis Dowd ♥ xx
Jojo Wane
Huge thank you, for my Reiki session this morning, been to a couple but have to say that was the best one . Will deffo be booking again , so relaxed xx — with Reiki Love.
Sheila Burke Robinson
Had a very lovely mornin at Reiki Love, really does make a great difference, definitely going to Reiki Love again xxx
Ann Heaton
AMAZING!! Words cannot describe the experience i've just had. Things are looking better already. Thank you x — with Reiki Love.
Rachael Wignall
See you next Month, First time and an Absolutely FAB experience, felt so light and stress free after this treatment, Thank you so much and this is coming from a person always on the go and that can’t wind down and relax. Love, Love, Loved it x
Shelley Incles
Absolutely amazing experience. Would definitely recommend & will be booking again in the future. Can honestly say I haven't felt this good about myself in a very long time & I can't thank you enough :) xxx
Brooke Power
Absolutely amazing, thank you so much for tonight feeling so relaxed n million times better! Felt that relaxed I was drifting away without paying (so sorry about that) ... thanks again hunni and i'll defo see you again xxx
Sarah Brown 
A HUGE thankyou to Alexis for the amazing treatment I had the other day. I was so totally relaxed I left my watch, rings and crystals behind and Alexis had to ring me to go back for them!! If you haven't booked in with her yet I encourage you to book!! It really is a wonderful experience. Thanks again xxx 
Lynn Meadowcroft
"Absolutely Fantastic, I never knew I could feel as relaxed as I did when I had my session with Reiki Love. A totally out of this world experience I will be having again soon. "
Darren Holmes
 ""Really left a positive energy within me , after never experiencing Reiki before I did not know what to expect but found it a totally relaxing and calming episode. I have been a regular client ever since, making sure I have regular sessions and each time I have a totally calming and stress reducing moment to myself away from work. Would really recommend this treatment to anybody it is totally worth while and would agree 100% with the other statements I have read. Carried out by a complete professional who really is committed to this kind of therapy makes the experience all the more worth while. Thank you see you again soon!
Gareth Boothroyd
Thank you for today Hun, I left feeling brilliant & relaxed. You were so accurate on some of the things you told me, can't wait to come again soon. Xx
Kathryn Williamson
Thanks for today was a great experience and will defo do it again xx
Stephen Banks
Hi Alexis, Just wanted to say i felt great this morning. Woke up full of energy and a feeling of balance. 
Clare Bond
Thank you for my treatment, I have had a lovely Reiki & Crystal Healing this afternoon by Reiki Love it was a lovely experience, i feel great now . Well recommended x
Louise Adamson
Thank you so much to Reiki Love /Alexis Dowd for my Reiki session earlier I am still buzzing! xx
Alex Parkinson
Hi Alexis! Thanks for the Reiki session! It was fabulous and opened my eyes! Hope to see you again soon x
Estelle Hall
Can definitely recommend Alexis Dowd and Reiki Love i'm absolutely fit for nowt now am that relaxed, thanx lv x
Stephen Holmes
What a lovely experience at Reiki Love would recommend it to everybody,definitely be going again
Julie Cunliffe
Had a very relaxing Reiki & crystal combo today at Reiki Love. Highly recommended!!! xx
Deborah Harvey
Thanks for yesterday very calming and very relaxing xx
Dawn Hope
Thanks so much for today, Feeling a lot more positive and relaxed... Looking forward to my next session x
Rebecca Wright
As had a good Reiki this morning, absolutely fantastic would highly recommend Reiki Love !!!
Feel so much better after I've been !!!!
Thx u so much !!!!! — with Reiki Love.
Ayshea Jones nee Dowd
Just had the most relaxing Reiki & Crystal session at Reiki Love - highly recommended and will be booking a session a month to chill me out! 
Christine Clayton
"Feeling fab! Been for my first Reiki and Crystal Healing session today and I absolutely loved it. Definitely feel much better and energized, all round a great experience. Thank you so much Reiki Love was so lovely to meet you at long last xx"
Melanie Bradley
Really wasn't sure what to expect but I loved the two treatments I have had, its so relaxing and calming I think everyone should treat themselves. Alexis is very welcoming and professional try it you will love it
Sharon Farrell
Just had my first session with Reiki Love today. Highly recommended. Check out with Facebook page. X
Julie Lindsay
I can't believe how chilled I still feel. Here's hoping for a nice sleep tonight!! xx
Annette Mercer
Thank you for the session today, really enjoyed it and will definitely be doing it again xxxx
Leanne Shawcross
Thank you so much for today, cannot tell you how relaxed I am tonight - looking forward for a lovely nights sleep xxx
Zoe Round
Cannot recommend Reiki Love highly enough, never felt so relaxed, and with my little monsters its much needed x
Diane Johnson
Hey pretty Lady, Thankyou soooo much for my Reiki and Crystal Therapy, so much to tell you on my next treatment, not that there was any doubt of it working but like we both said its still always nice to gain new evidence .. Namaste xxx
Helen Jordan
Thank you so much Alexis  I really enjoyed your healing yesterday I actually feel so calm now I will definatley come again to see you once a month and I will tell my friends how good you are at church as well. See you soon love and light. x
Margaret Holmes
Alexis the Reiki you did on me yesterday was so relaxing and i actually had a good night sleep which i havent had for ages. i will certainly have it again. thanks Alexis x
Jackie Lyon
Really enjoyed the session today, thank you again :)
Liz Grech
Thanx Alexis Dowd feel so much better n at peace with things , so glad I had it done  x
Donna Lord
"Thanks Reiki Love for my treatment this morning never felt so relaxed before it was amazing and i will deffo be recommending to all my friends. Xx"
Louise Mason
"Well thank you Reiki Love for my treatment it was amazing can't believe how good I feel, i would really recommend you to anyone Xxx"
Lyndsey Gowling
"Thank you for my treatment it was so relaxing and felt like weight had been lifted off my shoulders xx"
Sharon Johnson
" Huge thank you to Reiki Love for my treatment this morning! Feel so calm and relaxed and will def be booking again! xxx"
Kimberley Blinston
" What can I say it was amazing never felt that feeling before, I feel so calm and relaxed thank you very much hunni you be seeing me again xx"
Julie Winny Shaw
Never able to relax until I had Reiki done at Reiki Love amazing feeling relaxed and de stressed ;))
Sara Louise Evans
"Absolutely loved my Reiki today so relaxing feel so much better in myself thank you Alexis !! Would defo recommend xx see you soon xxx
Sarah Jayne
"Can't explain how relaxed and wonderful I feel after my Reiki at Reiki love. Its hard to explain what it is but I'm a million % coming back for more. Alexis simply amazing xxx
Nina Doherty
"Fantastic Experience, would deffo recommend to others"
Katie Boothroyd
"Had Reiki done a couple of times now, wasn't much of a believer at first to be honest but have to say i thought it was amazing helped me loads with my head pain and relaxed me also seemed to have a better outlook on life in general. xx
Charlene McGarry
"Thankyou for the Reiki session today it was great and will deffo be booking in again real soon x
Alison Melia
"Just got back from a lovely Reiki session with Reiki Love. If anyone wants to go de stress and relax then I defo recommend. Thanks luv :-) x"
Tracy Davies
"Would highly recommend, lovely lady and very professional felt great and relaxed after I had been, thankyou and see you again soon Hun xx"
Kathryn Williamson
"Alexis has got healing hands, I have had a back problem for a number of years, I look forward to the Reiki treatment as it definately eases the pain. The crystal therapy is also highly recommended as a detox, I lost 7lb."
Kristie Eshiett

“Very relaxing , felt like an out of body experience"
Rita Aaron
Thanks Alexis wasn't sure what to expect but i feel really tranquil inside and have a calm mind xx
Mandy Spencer
"Has a lovely relaxing Reiki session with Alexis at Reiki Love yesterday.Hopes her business takes off she is great! x
Michelle Walls
"Usually find relaxing difficult, thoroughy enjoyed the whole process, would recommend to others "
Maureen Horkan
"Loved it , very relaxing, would definately come again"
Carmen Luiza
"Came with a very busy head, went home stress free - like all my worries have just melted away"
Kay Patel
 "Would definately have on regular basis, I feel great"
"Thankyou for a lovely new experience,xx
Vicky Davies
"Absolutely fab treatment last night Alexis thank you:) so relaxing and feel wonderful today. See you again soon :)xx"
Lisa Stephenson
" Had a fantastic session, was relaxing and calming and helped to get rid of all the stress I was feeling! Came away feeling much more positive!! Highly recommended xxx
Emma Cleworth
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