Reiki Love - An ancient Japanese technique, very relaxing, connection to Angels, stress and pain reducing, helps heal trauma and blocked energy.

Unlike some holistic treatments, Angelic Usui Reiki is a completely safe method of natural healing. So safe, that not only can it be used to enhance fertility and to improve the pregnancy experience, it is gentle enough to be targeted directly at the unborn baby.

But what can Angelic Usui Reiki do for a pregnant woman and her baby? 

The experience of many of the pregnant ladies I treat, the main outcome of a Reiki treatment is deep relaxation with a feeling of bliss and elation. The Reiki energy creates a feeling of wellness and in those expectant mothers who feel physically “weakened” by pregnancy, a sense of vigour is generated.

Regular Reiki sessions during pregnancy, especially in the later stages can be highly beneficial in ensuring that fears about birth and motherhood are reduced so that the natural maternal instincts emerge and develop strongly, resulting in calmness, confidence and positivity for the future.

For me, the biggest privilege of giving Reiki to pregnant women is the fact that when an expectant mother receives Reiki, this gentle, but powerful, energy is passed onto her developing baby. During the treatment, baby often responds with quietness and relaxation. The deep and loving connection between mother and baby can be developed in this way, greatly enhancing this incredible and miraculous pregnancy journey.

Reiki Expectant mum

Reiki Expectant Mums